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About this coffee

Pop culture has given us a lot to love about honey. Mariah Carey sang about it, Winnie the Pooh ate it by the handful, and six year-old Honey Boo Boo became a star. Thanks to Wilford Lamastus in Panama, you can now add this coffee to your list of honeys you couldn't do without.

Honey processing is the middle ground between the washed process (fruit and mucilage is removed before drying) and the natural process (coffee dries with the fruit still intact), as mill workers will remove the outer fruit layer, but leave the sticky, pulpy mucilage on the bean as it dries. This process imbues the coffee with an undeniably fruity pulse (like a natural coffee), but scales back the intensity in favor of the coffee's cleaner, subtler qualities.

For this sweeter-than-honey iteration, the coffee's quiet lavender and tangerine flavors shine through, before bursting proudly forth with honeydew melon and vanilla. The Elida Honey is juicy and fruity, but it's also creamy and sweet. It's just like honey -- this coffee is truly something Mariah might sing about.

Tasting notes

Tangerine, Honeydew Melon, Vanilla

Brewing Recommendation

This coffee shines when filter brewed: we suggest the Chemex. Generally, filter brewing produces better coffee clarity (ability to tell flavors apart) than body (texture, weight in your mouth).

RATIO: 16:1 (Example: 400 grams water, 25 grams coffee produces 12 ounce cup)



REGION: Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama

FARM/MILL: Elida Estate


ALTITUDE: 1,670 - 1,870 meters

PRODUCER: Lamastus Family

PROCESS: Semi-washed and sun dried

Directly sourced with the Lamastus family.


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