Finca Dragon Red Honey


Finca Dragon Red Honey


12 ounces

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About this coffee

In Costa Rica, we spent a day in Luis Alberto’s 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser, sweeping around the corners of mountains, diving into valleys, touring coffee farms with Luis and his son. Seemingly at every turn, Luis would interrupt whatever coffee-farming story he was telling to point at a particular mountain and exclaim, “Finca Dragon!” Luis was proud-- the coffee he harvested on this majestic mountain placed second in the 2012 Cup of Excellence competition. When we finally reached the mountain, climbing it in the Cruiser, the view was stunning. And when we cupped the coffee from this dragon-named mountain farm?

Well, it was stunning too.

We aren’t going to lie, Red Dragon just sounds really cool, maybe it had the starring role in ‘The Last Dragon’. (Watch it, you’ll thank us later.)

This edition of Finca Dragón takes our pride in this farm one step further. This red honey process leaves more mucilage on the bean during drying phase than the white honey process allowing the bean to soak up even more sweetness. This coffee begins with a sweet note of ripe fruit raspberry. As the coffee cools, rich milk chocolate presents itself with a turn of flavor that reminds us of cantaloupe.

Tasting Notes:

Cantaloupe, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate


This coffee shines when filter brewed: we suggest the Chemex or Kalita brewing devices. Generally, filter brewing produces better coffee clarity (ability to tell flavors apart) than body (texture, weight in your mouth) and we love this coffee's clarity.

RATIO: 16:1 (Example: 400 grams water, 25 grams coffee produces 12 ounce cup)


REGION: Tarrazú, Costa Rica

FARM/MILL: Finca Dragón


ALTITUDE: 1,650 - 1,800 meters

PRODUCER: Luis Alberto Monge Ureña

PROCESS: Red Honey (semi-washed)

Directly with the Monge family.


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