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About this coffee

This summer has been full of surprises.

The ‘Pokémon Go’ app has more active daily users than Twitter. The U.S. Women’s soccer team lost in the Olympic quarterfinals. Beyoncé made ‘Lemonade’.

Despite all of these momentous occasions, one of our favorite surprises of the summer has been a brand new coffee from Tanzania. Like its northern neighbor, Kenya, Tanzanian coffees

have a distinct acidity that can be polarizing. But, the Tarime balances out that acidity with a full and juicy body that keep this African coffee approachable without sacrificing complexity.

Exploding with tropical qualities, the Tarime provides refreshment for the late summer heat. Vibrant flavors of mango and red grape create a juicy and pleasant body. The finish is long and sweet with a date-like quality. So, you’ll want to be sipping this one all day long.

Tasting Notes

Red Grape, Dates, Mango

Brewing Recommendation

The Tarime’s bright and juicy acidity tastes excellent brewed in a Chemex, which produces a pleasantly bright and clean cup.

RATIO: 16:1 (Example: 400 grams water, 25 grams coffee produces 12 ounce cup)


REGION: Tarime District, Tanzania


VARIETAL: Bourbon, N39

ALTITUDE: 1,750-2000 meters

PRODUCER: Various Small Landholders

PROCESS: Washed and Sun Dried

Relationally sourced through our partners at Olam Specialty Coffee.


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