Tembo Espresso Blend

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Tembo Espresso Blend

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About this espresso

Swahili for ‘elephant’, the Tembo espresso has an ‘elephant-sized’ flavor profile.

Beginning with a tart raspberry acidity mingled with notes of lime, this espresso has fruit forward characteristics from the La Loma component without becoming too tart. Dark chocolate and nutty notes from the Piedra Grande round out the body, allowing this espresso to finish just as nicely as it started. 

The Tembo Blend tastes great both by itself and swirled with milk. So don’t be shy; take a lesson in confidence from the elephants and enjoy this espresso every way!

Tasting Notes

Dried Apricot, Dark Chocolate, Lime

Brewing Parameters

18 grams dry dose yielding 36 grams liquid in 25-26 seconds






Region: El Salvador/Honduras/Tanzania

Farm/Mill: Piedra Grande/La Loma/Tarime

Varietal: Various

Altitude: Various

Producer: Menendez Family/Antonio Castellanos/Small Landholders

Process: Full Washed and Sun Dried


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